International students (non-immigrant)

Foreign students wanting to enroll in Pro Aircraft Flight Training are required to obtain an I-20 (M-1) Visa Form before applying for an appointment at an embassy or consulate of the United States of America, prior to traveling to the United States.

To get an I-20 form from the flight school, you must send following:

-  Submit the signed application form

- $350.00 non-refundable application fee

- A copy of your passport

- Proof of financial responsibility (6 Months of Bank Statements)

NOTE: bank statements must show proper and sufficient amount to cover your training and living expenses.

Sponsorship: You will need a sponsorship letter, passport copy of a person sponsoring and Six months of bank statements that must show proper and sufficient amount to cover your training and living expenses.

Bank Loan: In the case of bank loan, you need to send proof of approved loan documents.


Once we receive the $350.00 non-refundable application fee and all required documents, Pro Aircraft will then send you an acceptance letter and I-20 (M-1) visa request form for you to take to the US embassy or consulate for the visa approval. (Bring two passport photos).

All students must submit a form I-901 along with a fee of $350.00 for visa interview or before re-entering the country on a new I-20. You can find this form and instructions for filing and make payment at the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s website:

All students are encouraged to register with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before entering the country so as you save time and start your training sooner. You can file the TSA form at There is a $130.00 fee for TSA. Students must pay this fee for each course as they go. e.g. Private, Instrument, and Multi-Engine Commercial.


M1 Visa

The M1 visa is issued by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service after applying with an approved school. To qualify for the M1 visa you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must be enrolled in a training or academic program with an approved school. (Means) you must have acceptance letter and l-20 from flight school.

2. You must be enrolled as a full-time student.

3. You must be proficient in the English language, should be able to speak, read, write & understand English (if you can read and understand the information on this page you should be fine).

4. You must show proof of sufficient funds to support yourself and your training during the entire proposed time of the study.

5. You must show proof of maintaining a residence or ties to your home country which proves that you intend to return.

NOTE:  If your visa had been denied for any reason you will need to contact the school within 30 days from the date of rejection and have to return the original I-20 application to flight school.

After arriving in the United States, you will have 10 days to contact the school to begin your training. If you fail to contact the school within 10 days after arrival your I-20 will be terminated and you will forfeit your installment unless you had documented accident or illness.

(Student applying under false pretenses will forfeit all funds)


Local students (USA)

Students belong from the USA, wish to enroll in pro aircraft need to submit or e-mail the document as below:

- Submit the application form.

- Proof of Citizenship (copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate).

 (Contact school for further information)


Application fee/Installments

We accept International money orders, bank checks, traveler’s checks and wire transfers. Payment is to be made in Two Installments, (1st installment when you receive your Visa and 2nd after completion of Private Pilot). Payments received are for flight training only! Additional personal cost and living expenses will be the student responsibility. Students are encouraged to open a local bank account to receive his or her additional cost & living expenses. 

To Transfer Money:

JP MORGAN CHASE BANK-Phone: (212) 552-3819

1 Chase Manhattan Plaza

 New York, New York 10005

 Swift Code – CHASUS33, Aba (routing number) 021000021

 Final credit to Pro Aircraft Flight Training - 640585113

To enroll at Pro Aircraft, complete and Submit the application form (Please visit Apply To PA page) along with the required application fee, a copy of passport, and proof of financial responsibility (I.E. 6 Months of Bank Statements) (Bring 2 passport size recent photos).