Banking Information

Application fee/Installments

We accept international money orders, bank checks, traveler’s checks and wire transfers. Payment are to be made in Three Installments, (1st Start of training, 2nd after completion of Private Pilot, then final installment). Payments received are for flight training only! Additional personal cost and living expenses will be the student responsibility. Student will be recommended to open a local bank account to receive his or her additional cost & living expenses. 

To Transfer Money:

JP MORGAN CHASE BANK-Phone :( 212) 552-3819

1 Chase Manhattan Plaza

 New York, New York 10005

 Swift Code – CHASUS33, Aba (routing number) 021000021

 Final credit to Pro Aircraft Flight Training - 640585113

Our current price list and enrollment applications are enclosed. To enroll at Pro Aircraft, complete and submit the application form ( Please visit Apply to PA page) along with the required application fee, a copy of passport, and proof of financial responsibility (I.E. 6 Months of Bank Statements) (Bring 2 passport size recent photos).